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At The Sourcerer we are Professional Property Investors with our personal portfolios based specifically in these areas. We are here to share our knowledge and experience with you to help you make money from your property investments in the North West Midlands.
We help the first time investor get started in property and help those with either a few properties or the experienced investors & landlords grow their portfolio. The properties we source lend themselves perfectly to positively cash flowing BTL, student HMO, social housing purchases, high yielding flips & government grant aided investments. We can also manage the refurbishment of the properties, introduce you to our power team and recommend an agent to ensure your property is let or sold.
Joint ventures are a great way to partner resources and make money from property. We have completed a number of joint ventures deals with investors with a wide range of criteria. Whether investing for equity, monthly positive cash flow or profit from buying & selling, we provide you with a totally hands-off approach to property investing with a return on your money up to 22%.
When finding an area to invest, it is a huge help to speak to someone who is already actively investing there. Learn the do’s and don’ts of the area & feel even more confident when investing. We offer telephone coaching sessions and research days to those people who want to learn from our highs, our lows and the valuable knowledge we have gained during our time investing.